A Review of the Habitica App

Emily Fox
6 min readJul 29, 2019

I’ve been using Habitica since 2016. At the time I joined, I was struggling to reincorporate structure into my daily routine. I wanted to be more productive and spend less time on distraction behaviors like gaming, television and social media.

I tried lots of different time management methods and apps, but once I found Habitica, there was no looking back. Habitica is unique because it has a built-in system to help keep you motivated. As an avid gamer, this RPG-styled productivity app was a natural draw for me. After three years of almost daily use, Habitica is essentially my desktop landing page; I can’t imagine life without it!

About Habitica

Habitica (formerly known as HabitRPG) is a free task management app that launched in 2013. It works a bit like a turn-by-turn RPG. As you complete tasks and goals, your character advances; when you fail to follow through on those same goals, your character takes damage.

Although it’s more about productivity than playing a game, Habitica is fun to play and does a good job of turning your to-do’s and objectives into real-life quests to advance your in-game hero.

Habitica has many of the same recurring themes as other RPGs: you choose a class, complete quests, defeat bosses and mini-bosses, gather loot and gold, upgrade equipment, and collect pets and mounts.

An example of the thief, healer, mage and warrior classes.
Illustration by James Danger

The classes available are the standard Warrior, Thief, Mage and Healer. Each class has different skills and cast different buffs that affect your party in a variety of ways.

Socialization is integrated into the app through parties and guilds. (You can also play alone if you want.) You join parties to complete quests and defeat bosses and mini-bosses. Completing quests gives rewards such as gold, loot, gear, pets and mounts.

Guilds are a way to group up with like-minded Habiticans who share your interests or goals. Guilds don’t work on quests, but you can start or…